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WB8VSU Repeater / IRLP Node 4235



The WB8VSU UHF repeater is located in Miamisburg, Ohio close to the intersection of I-75 and State Route 725.  This high profile UHF machine is on 442.300MHz, plus offset and requires a tone of 123.0 Hz.  This machine also generates a CTCSS of 123.0 Hz, which is helpful when operating in congested areas.  With it's strategic location, you are able to work this repeater from Cincinnati to Sidney when driving I-75 and from Springfield to inside Indiana when traveling I-70.

This repeater has an open IRLP Node that is accessed by just entering the node you want to dial and disconnected by entering 73.  Of course, proper operating procedure should be followed by identifying before entering the node to be dialed and also after closing the node.

The repeater is open to all users and we welcome anyone wishing to use the repeater.




















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